Maharashtra state lottery results:-  {} Govt of Maharashtra and Commissioner of Maharashtra state lottery results list  here state of Maharashtra conducting a Every Day and Every Week lotteries draw. Which are the  announced by the Commissioner of  Maharashtra government let me explain today’s on Wednesday 25th of December 2019 lottery draw name is Akshaya weekly departure lottery result 2019. There are number of lotteries different from  each one.  Let me try to explain! every Wednesday Maharashtra State Lottery draw’s.

Here one of the best and  common lottery draw  Akshaya weekly  departure lottery result which one is only one time in the week the day is a Wednesday weekly departure lottery result it is only on Wednesday in the every week. Let me know more about Maharashtra state lotteries.

Maharashtra state Akshaya weekly departure lottery result.

 On 25th of December 2019 on Wednesday evening 4:15 p.m. Maharashtra state Akshaya weekly departure lottery results to be held keep connect and learn more about rank number and amount prices of today’s Wednesday Maharashtra state lottery results. 25.12.2019 Maharashtra state lottery result is Akshay weekly departure lottery draw on every Wednesday evening 4:15 p.m. Must.

Akshaya Weekly Departure Lottery Result  Maharashtra Lottery

Price list of Akshaya weekly departure lottery result

Akshaya weekly lottery draw result prices and rank number in the state of Maharashtra there is a  different types of amount prices list let me  explain about today’s Wednesday dear Akshay weekly departure lottery result 2019 amount and price list with series number. There is a UPTU 6th prices are there and consolation prize also be Present.

Akshaya Weekly Departure Lottery ListAkshaya Weekly Departure Lottery Price
1st Price7,00,000/-
2nd Price 2,000/- 6- Numbers
3rd Price1,000/- 6- Numbers
4th Price500/- 6- Numbers
5th Price200/- 6- Numbers
6th Price100/- (600 Random Numbers Conman to All Series -Full Digit
Consolation Price7,000/- (Full Digit)

Akshaya Weekly Departure Lottery Result 25-12-2019:- Click-Here

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